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Welcome to Hermit Hill. This site has been set up primarily to share information on projects around the house and a few hobbies.

Hermit Hill Site News

4-25-2008 added a new section called Paintings - Canvas to chronicle my endeavor to teach myself how it is done. I am sort of taking classes, if you consider watching Bob Ross and One Stroke Painting shows a class. It really seems like it should be easy, but it isn't. It is, however, fun. Some things I have learned so far, 1. paint dries a lot darker when using acrylics. 2. brushes are not all made equally 3. sometimes nearly destroying a brush makes it useful. 4. hesitating when painting makes for ugly paintings. Just do it and paint over the mistakes <grin>.

3-10-2008 added new SnowStorm Photogallery including a pic of the utility pole fire.

3-6-2008 Finally figured a way to get this to work with mozilla/firefox without the table being all wonky.

1-16-2008 Added more poems

1-14-2008 Added photo gallery pages with plenty to look at.

11-12-2007 2 new home improvement projects - firedog and fence fixin time.

9-19-2007 Working on creating a Hermit Hill Update window with scroll bars. Using Layers and CSS to address long content. So far so good <grin>. I've also fixed a faulty link for woodworking tools. Currently there is no content for woodworking tools.

Still working on spacing and sizing and all that. I did fix the font size change on the links above. Previously it changed size which made the whole sections shift little. That sort of bugged some folks so i removed it.


Latest Story content 9-25-2007 - Added new story "Pup - Rescue"
Latest Photography updates 4-25-2008 - Added More entries under the Having fun with Macro Lens" section <link> . I also added a few new pictures of cats and a groundhog under the "Critters Roaming in My Backyard Section <link>




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