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Home Improvements


The Deck on the back of my house is a pretty good sized one. The only downside is that the people who put it in and those that followed, PAINTED it. Most definitely not to my taste, but what can I do except repaint it. Unfortunately, there are several layers of paint on it and the paint tends to peal at different layers. So I decided one year that I would use a pressure washer to remove all the paint and then stain/seal it.
The problem was, the paint did not all come up. Using HIGH pressure damaged the wood. Medium pressure did remove some of the paint, but not all of it. I thought about using a floor sander, but since the deck was nailed from above, it wouldn't work. The nails would have destroyed the sander. So I thought I would get off as much as I could and paint again, ugh. Of course, a day after "washing" the paint off, more paint would peel as the water seeped under the paint. Thinking this might work out after all, I spent a week, every day, pressure washing the deck and getting a little more paint off.
But even after a week, not all the paint would come off. And it got pretty old and boring really fast <even Katana was yawning by the end of day 7>. Now, I just paint it every couple years and wait for it to rot enough that I can replace the entire thing <sigh>.




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