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Home Improvements

Repairing the Door Jamb

No doubt, this is an interesting, if simple, bit of wood working. So what is it for?
The answer, you can see here. The door jamb on one side of my front door had rotted through. The door has side lights, and when someone went to paint them, they painted over the weep holes. This caused water to puddle in the side light and soak into the jamb. Weep holes, for those that don;t know, are little holes in the bottom that let water seep out the bottom of the side light. I guess the painter did not know this. Fortunately, the door did not sag, but I had to cut out a good size junk to fix it.
With a bit of caulking and a little pressure provided by a big hammer, I wedged the new piece in without a problem. A little more sealer on the outside and it was good to go. I did add some weep holes to handle any moisture. The side lights were single pane glass so condensation formed on the side light <it had a storm window on it by the way>. The water would drip down to the sill and then out the weep holes. No more puddles.
Not exactly pretty. I could have painted it, but I had plans to replace the door anyway. Leaving it ugly just added another reason to do so.
Katana did not seem to mind how ugly it was so long as she could see out the window <grin>. The fix lasted a couple years without a problem until I did replace the door.




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