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Home Improvements

Fence Fixin'

One one side of my yard, there is a fence that separates me from the farm field next door. One day, I noticed that one of the boards had been broken off. I like to think it was a deer (makes for a better story <grin>). But likely, it was just wood rot. In any case, it gave me a new project to work on.
The tools I used, nothing terribly exciting. The quick clamp takes the place of a second pair of hands allowing me to replace the boards without bothering anyone fro help . No new tools with this project.
I'd already replaced the gate the year before. I chose not to paint it or stain it to see what it would look like (I hate to paint wood work). It handled the weather just fine so I decided to leave the new fencing unpainted as well. You can also see that I am adding a weed barrier as I replace the fence. We'll see how well that works out.
Basically, I took off the boards one section at a time. This let me put the new boards up exactly on the same level as before (nothing "level" about the fence though).
If you look closely at the vertical post, you'll notice it is an unusual size and is full of nails. I put the new boards up with screws (my preference). I don't know where the posts came from, but I like their character even if they are NOT uniform down the fence. Even though they are buried in the ground, they have not rotted (and they are really old).
This is as far as I got before I tore something (again) in my back and had to stop. It does let you see the connection between the new and old. It is ugly enough that it will drive me to finish (grin).




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