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Home Improvements

Mini Trellis

Another in a long line of projects related to the deck. When I moved in, the deck was surrounded by solid 8 foot tall walls. Apparently, the previous owners had a hot tub out here and needed their privacy. I, on the other hand, felt the walls as oppressive and stifling. So I cut down the walls and modified what was left <grin>. To the right side of the picture, you can see that there is no real railing It simple ends. Not real safe, but beats the solid wall that was here before. And I did fix that during this project.
Here you can see my roller saw horses I used to cut up all the wood. You can also see the 4x4 posts and the open part of the deck rail.
The original plan had been to simply cut up some pressure treated 2x6 to put over top the 4x4 posts. I cut the notches in the 3 2x6 pieces at the same time using a circular saw, hammer and chisel. First I marked how wide the slot needed to be, then clamped the pieces together. Using the circular saw, I made a dozen passes where the slot would be. Then I chiseled out all the little pieces.
Here you see how the 2x6 pieces would have fit, not much support. This would have been fine since it wouldn't support much weight. But the square look was a bit ugly.
After a little bit of play time with Katana, I rethought the design a little bit. I didn't want for her to be embarrassed by an ugly trellis <grin>.
The "new" plan included cutting slots into the top of the 4x4 posts to sit the 2x6 down flush with the top of the 4x4 post. Much cleaner look. I also added a simple curve to the 2x6. For the 2x2 cross pieces, I actually ripped 2x4's in half. All of the stock 2x2's at the store were pretty much useless to me.
About now, I realized that leaving the 4x4's alone would be just ugly. In truth, they looked too spindly with the 2x6's on top, so I cut these 1x4's with a 45 degree angle along the edges and wrapped the 4x4 posts to give it a beefier octagonal look.
To "fix" the rail, I simply replicated the other rails I put up. Simple and elegant.
Completed rail.
All in all, it turned out rather nice, I think. It now has a wisteria growing on it. I can't wait until it blooms one of these years <grin>. And no, I did not paint it. I like the plain wood look better. It does have me thinking about redoing the whole deck again, and not painting it. But not today <grin>.




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