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Home Improvements

Plastic Lawn Furniture

I inherited several pieces of plastic lawn furniture and they worked well. Then one day, I was bored and ran across Krylon paint. And the artsy bug bit me. I decided to paint all my plastic furniture <grin>. Fortunately, it dries fast so Katana, curious as always, did not get any paint on her <smile>.
I started off pretty simple since I did not know how well the paint would work. Seemed to stick tight, so I experimented <grin>.
The grey parts in the band of red was intentional. I wanted it to look like clouds... didn't really look like it. But I was rather pleased anyway.
My sister gave me a set of these chairs. And the design work on the back was pretty cool.
I decided to dress this up a bit by painting the back part, molded to look like metal, a black color. It really made the design work pop.
For the rest of the chair, I went with blue. It took several coats to get it nice and shiny.
The finally product looked great. It also left me wanting to experiment again <grin>.
These chairs had an interesting flower pattern to them, but when they were all green, it looked... muted. So I decided to try and add some color fun <grin>.
After laying on a couple coats of color, they looked pretty good, but need to be a little cleaner.
So I a day or two of tape, patince, and paint later, I got the patterns I wanted.
The remainder of the chair, I painted blue to match the other style of chair I did. It is hard to tell from the picture, but there is some real depth to the flowers now. All in all a good time was had by all <grin>.




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