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Home Improvements

Built in TV Stand

My Tv room is built rather... odd. I think it was just a screened in porch that they eventually walled in. But there really wasn't a good way to put in an entertainment center. So I decided a simple TV stand would do. However, one of the walls I would put it against was just too narrow. I considered several options and finally decide to build a "built in" shelf for the TV. Here you can see where I cut up a piece of carpet where part of the table will be built.
You get a better idea of the corner where the TV table will go. I simply extended the narrow wall out a bit to "Square up" the corner a bit. This is only the first half of the wall. But I built it really strong.
Here you can see the lower shelf. On the far side, I have screwed a cleat into the wall for support.The other end of the shelf sits atop the the little side wall seen above. By building it directly into the wall as I built in, it becomes really strong.
Katana loved to play in the clutter that always accompanied a new project <grin>. And she pokes her nose into the project now and again to make sure I am doing it right <grin>.
This is a view of the underside of the top shelf. Note that in addition to using 3/4 plywood, I added diagonal braces. It isn't really needed, but overbuilding doesn't hurt when it comes to supporting TV's. I've seen too many sagging TV shelves in my time.
better picture of how the shelves integrate directly into the new wall wing. I can stand on top of the shelf with no problems <grin>.
Side view of the TV table. I built the second, top, wall directly on the bottom shelf. No way is this thing going to become unstable <grin> .
A bit of final trim work and the TV shelf is complete. It is way over built for this little TV. I'll have to get something bigger to challenge the shelf <grin>.




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