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Wallpaper torture

I've repainted several rooms, but this one is a bit of an object lesson. You can see here that the wall was covered with a simple wallpaper. I prefer paint, so the wall paper needed to come down. I've done wallpaper removal before, though not at this house. My mother and sister came over to help with what we all thought would be a one day job, and turned out to be a bit of a nightmare.
My sister is trying to remove the wallpaper using the standard technique. Unfortunately, whoever put up the wall paper put it up directly over the drywall. If you ever put up wallpaper, PLEASE at least put on a base coat or two of paint. It just does not want to come off drywall. We tried water, two different kinds of wallpaper remover and even one of those wall weasel thing. While the wall weasel did put plenty of perforations through the wall paper, it did NOT help take the wallpaper off. All it did was leave bumps all over the wall. Not helpful at all in this case.
All though it may look like my mom is praying to the wallpaper gawds, she is really just persevering with the tedious task of pulling off the vinyl part of the wallpaper. It took hours just to get the vynel off and you can see the pile of scrap we made. They stayed the entire day until we at least got the vinyl off.
I spent the next three days trying to find anyway to get the wallpaper backing off without damaging the drywall. I never did find a way to get it off. Not even the mighty internet offered up any ides that worked. Finally, I just gave in and painted over the backer paper. I also had to patch up the drywall in several places where my backer paper removal methods got a little out of hand.
Three coats of base paint were required to seal the backer paper. It has some odd bumps in it if you look for them.
I then added three coats of color to get the final color I wanted. What a job that was. No matter how rushed I get, I will never ever put wall paper on top of drywall. And neither should you, please, not ever.




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