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Motorcycle Modifications

Power Commander

I bought my Yamaha FJR 1300 2005 model new in 2004. I pre-ordered it and then waited half a year to take delivery. It was worth the wait. After about a year, I decided to add a Power Commander. For those not familiar with this device, it is a small control placed inline with the engine to modify how the engine runs. You can make it run smoother, faster, leaner, just to name a few. But to install it, you have to take apart the from half of the bike practically. On the table here, you can see all the little pieces parts I had to remove, and keep track of <cringe>.
Next, I had to prop up the fuel tank in order to get to the wiring harness connection to the engine. The only real trick here was to keep from knocking the tank over.
I used various pieces of wood scraps to block the tank from moving while I had it partially detached. A second set of hands here would have been better, but you work with what you have <grin>.
Here you can see the top of the engine nd the various connectors. The kit came with all the right connectors so all I had to do was unplug the wiring harness and plug it into the Power Commander. Then I took the other end of the Power Commander harness and connected it back to the Engine.
The Power Commander unit installs under the seat for easy access. Here you can see my testing to make sure the connections were set and the unit was grounded.
I downloaded a "Map" (or program) from the web and uploaded it from my laptop to the Power Commander unit. Couldn't be simpler to do.
I buttoned it all back up and I didn't have any extra, or missing, bolts, screws, snaps or clips <grin>. I configured the unit to provide a smoother ride. Although it was really a small difference in the actual ride of the bike, I did gain a couple MPG from it.




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