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Motorcycle Modifications

Garage Door Opener

One convenience I decided I needed on the bike was a door opener. I saw several methods other folks used and they all seemed clunky to me. So I found another way to do it. In looking over the left hand control on the handle bar, I happened to notice this little rectangle in the base. It didn't seem to do anything, so I dismantled it <grin>.
When I flipped the base over, I found, of all things, a button. Yamaha had screwed the button in place, and there were no switches, but it sure looked promising to me.
Digging around in one of my jars of "dismantled pieces parts" I happened across a small pressure switch. It fit perfectly! You can see the wiring I added to the switch and ran outside of the base. This just goes to show you that dismantling old electronics and keeping the pieces parts does come in handy <and it is FUN too <grin>>. I now had an easy to access, subtle, button for a garage door opener.
For the garage door opened, I simply took one I had laying around and... dismantled it <grin>. I couple of quick solder points for a couple of wires and I put it back together. I did add a little gasket sealer around the case to make it more water resistant.
I used velcro to attach the opener under the front frame. Pretty much out of the weather and still easy to access for changing batteries. I ran the wires up the frame and handle bar to connect to my switch.
Here, I had to circle the switch so you can see where it is. It really is pretty unobtrusive. Works like a champ <grin>. I still wonder what that button was originally intended for. I never could find anyone who knew. The best guess was that the base was used for multiple vehicles and it served a purpose for one of them. I think Yamaha should really add this as a built in feature on future models. Note: the wires you see here actually run in the wiring for the brake, they are only here because this was mid build and the best picture I had to show the button in place.




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