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Motorcycle Modifications

Cool Switches

I will preface by admitting that I like cool buttons and switches. And while I did not NEED these switches, I already had the bike in pieces so I put them in anyway. Here you can see the three switches I am installing. I also installed a remote fuse box in the back of the bike. I had no immediate plans that required them, but... it was going to look cool <grin>.
I took the front right panel and drilled some holes in them. I did cringe a little when I did this, but not much <grin>. I then used a lighter to slightly melt the holes to keep a clean look.
With all the wires attached to the panel, it looked a bit like an octopus <grin>.
With the switches installed, you have to admit, it looks good. Each switch has a different color led built in to it. <I found them at an auto parts store by the way>.
I left plenty of length to the wires to make future dismantling feasible.
Katana seemed to enjoy the project, though that was more to do with being outside at night I think <grin>.
Here you can see the remote Fuse box. One of the switches is actually the power run to the remote fuse box. THis way, if I want to shut off everything to the back, I can do it with one switch. I also ran one of the other switch back here, and capped the end. I had in mind to add power outlets and more light for the bike down the road, so it made sense.
Here you can see the installed panel. It looks sweet, almost factory. For those counting, I've explained 2 of the three switches. The third isn't wired to anything, but the ends are up front in case I want to add a power outlet for GPS, Radio, whatever. So the switches do light up, but effectively, they don't impact anything. Some day down the road, I am sure that will change. For now, I have cool switches that light up when I flip them, and that always puts a smile on my face <Grin>.




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