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Old Fogey Rants

Kids With Cell Phones

I will grant you that being able to get hold of your child at anytime is a great reason to get them a cell-phone. However, I also think that they should be limited. Something like a Nextel device where it only works within the family. I suppose you could call it a cell-walkie-talkie. Leave out the text messaging, phone service and internet service, at least until they reach their Junior Year in High School.

I hear too much about how kids are cheating by using their cell phones. Not only can they store images and information, but they also allow for covert “chatting” with other students. Don’t know the answer, call you friend in study hall and have them send you the info. Or, if you can’t call someone, just jump on the internet and google it. It makes the primitive “writing on the hand” and “tiny slips of paper” of the past seem like kindergarten.

Nor are Cell phones conducive to study in the class room. The new “note passing” text message may be less obvious than the paper passing, but it can be sent to multiple persons at once, at which point, none of them are paying attention. And you know that several students will have forgotten to turn off their ringer, so all sorts of beeps, music and sounds will proliferate throughout the classroom. And even those that set their phone to vibrate can still be heard buzzing like an angry bee from across the room. People are so ingrained with that vibrate buzz that I have actually seen people reach for their phone when a June bug flies in the room. So don’t even try to tell me cell phones aren’t disruptive.

I won’t even go into what today’s kids are doing with cell phone cameras. Some of those stories turn my stomach, to be frank.

Yet when a school decides to put up an electronic block on cell phones, people <students and parents a-like> scream bloody murder. Everything from censorship, to freedom of free speech, to invasion of privacy gets pulled out in public displays making the school look like some Attila the Hun when all the school wants is to be able to teach without the constant nag of what amounts, to me at least, to wireless candy. Give me a friggin’ break! Heck, cell phones should have to follow the same rules as TOYS in MY opinion. Leave them in the locker until recess, lunch, or you go home.




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