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Old Fogey Rants


Child Discipline There are still some parents that take an active roll in making sure that kids not only know right from wrong, but also take responsibility for their actions. However, the vast majority of parents provide next to no discipline at all. There are many reasons I’ve heard/seen as to why parents are so lenient.<<MORE>>

Kids With Cell Phones

I will grant you that being able to get hold of your child at anytime is a great reason to get them a cell-phone. However, I also think that they should be limited. Something like a Nextel device where it only works within the family. I suppose you could call it a cell-walkie-talkie. Leave out the text messaging, phone service and internet service, at least until they reach their Junior Year in High School..<<MORE>>
Reality TV Then I watched the first show and “Reality” set in. I was frankly a little dumbfounded by the whole episode. So I tuned in the following week, and good gawd, I wasn’t imagining things. The so called “Reality TV” show was nothing more than sticking a bunch of people on an island to see who was the sneakiest most manipulative SOB. I was more than a little disgusted and never watched the show again. .<<MORE>>




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