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Old Fogey Rants

Reality TV

A few years ago when I heard of a new TV series coming out called Survivor, I was intrigued. Images filled my mind of groups of people set down in the middle of nowhere with very little but their collective minds, experiences, and team work to get them through. I loved Robinson Crusoe when I was a child <grin>.

Then I watched the first show and “Reality” set in. I was frankly a little dumbfounded by the whole episode. So I tuned in the following week, and good gawd, I wasn’t imagining things. The so called “Reality TV” show was nothing more than sticking a bunch of people on an island to see who was the sneakiest most manipulative SOB. I was more than a little disgusted and never watched the show again.

When my friends and coworkers would talk about how great the show was, I simply walked away, shaking my head. Once, when cornered about why I didn’t like the show, I pretty much went on a 5 minute tirade about exactly what I thought about the show and it’s potential effectives on society. They never bothered me about it again.

I’ll admit, I was absolutely gob-smacked when I heard of the success of that show. And more than a little pissed off, annoyed, saddened, disgusted… when a whole new slew of the shows came out. How could anyone not only watch the show, but hold it in such high regard with such devotion?

I very quickly learned that if a new show had “Reality TV” associated with them, not to bother hoping for a friendlier version. Nope, just a whole slew of backstabbing, infighting, soul crushing waste of money.

Oh, I am sure that the backers of those shows capitalized greatly. They never did take much in the way of funding to produce them. Heck, they didn’t even need writers. And if the ratings started to drop, they just had to spread some amongst the contestants and boom, another clash. And audiences love conflict <cringe>.

Ugh, just utter crap in my book. And the effect that these shows have had on society is pretty depressing too. Young kids playing survivor in the backyard, screwing over their friends. All that mental abuse being doled out without really understanding what they were doing. It makes me wonder what those kids will be like when they grow up.




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