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Painting Gallery

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This 11 x 14 in painting hung in my moms house when it start capturing my eye. After many visits, i finally borrowed it to use as a sample. I figures, from it, I could teach myself to paint.
So I bought a bunch of paints, a variety of brushes, and some canvas boards to work with. This was one of the first paintings I did. You can see it has no depth, nor any real skill. But it taught me about the brushes. I quickly put in another order for brushes and expanded beyond the "kits". Someone told me it was wasteful to have so many brushes. If you believe that, then you don't paint. I have some brushes that are identical, but I use one for detail and the other <after smashing it up and ruining it for detail work> that I use for "pouncing" on paint.
The photo kind of sucks, but you get the idea. Totally abstract. totally purple <grin>. I was just having fun with the color that day. One cool thing, I had gotten some glow in the dark paint so the tips of the falling bits do glow in the dark.
My first real attempt at a landscape. It is not great, but I really like the stream itself. And the clouds are pretty cool too. Clouds should be easy, but I seem to have a hang up when I make them. I "know" of a dozen ways to make em and I can't get any of them to work consistently. I'll just have to keep painting clouds till I get better.
Second landscape, probably my 9th over all painting. I am finally getting to understand the concept of how to fake depth. This is about 3 weeks since I started painting. Not too bad.
I Love vines. I doodle them all the time. In this case, I decided to use paint <grin>. The picture doesn't do it justice. In person, the shading on the flower pot is really cool. Most paintings look goo if you step far enough away from them <grin>. THis one is even pretty good up close <smile>.
Third landscape just competed second week of April 2008. And I have to admit I smile when I look at it. The picture doesn't quite catch the shading. In person, this is a real nice one. I think I'll even hang it up on the wall <grin>.
This is my favorite painting, and the largest. In person, the tree looks more like bark and the rock shading is quite cool. I think I must have put on 12 layers before the tree looked good enough to me. The blossoms took a lot less time <grin>. This one is definitely going to be hung up. At this point < end of APril 2008> with about 16 paintings, a few Bob Ross videos, some Donna Dewberry guides, about $900 in paint, brushes and canvas, I would consider myself a pretty solid amateur<grin>. BUt I do have a lot of fun.




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