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Anna is a 2 year old Husky with LOTS of energy. She is not allowed off leash yet as she would rather play chase than come when I call her.
She loves to run, and it is amazing how cat-like she looks when she does so. Like a big panther. I could NEVER catch her.
When she is outside, she is always on a leash.
Yes, this is when she is in POUNCE mode. It is her way to try to get me to rough house with her.
Anna can be pretty calm, when she wants to.
This was on the first day. She still was not quite sure what to make of me. For the first three days, she would lead me to the front door and any time we went out, she would head straight for the truck with her ears down. I think she wanted me to take her home. She had only been at the shelter for a little over a week when I brought her home.
Yawning is a double edged sword. It either means she is tired <good thing> or is waking up and will want to play. When she gets wound up, playing can be a challenge.




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