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3-8-2008 snow storm in ohio

In the middle of the afternoon on Saturday, while enjoying the snow storm from inside a warm house, I heard a loud POP come from the backyard. All the power hungry devices in my house suddenly when out. I Checked the circuit breakers first, then the power line in the back yard. From the house, I couldn't really see too much. Then I got out my camera with a 200 mm lens on it and found that something bad had happened.
Seems like the wind or snow had bridged a gap and short circuited the power line and blow up the transformer. The top 4-5 inches of the utility pole blew/burned off. 5 minutes after the POP, the pole was still on fire as seen here. I spent the rest of the day and most of the night reading by candle light and covered in blankets.
The power company did fix the line overnight, poor sods. But I noticed the conspicuous absence of a new transformer. I hope it isn't really needed. Or maybe this was just a quick fix. Dunno.
This is what the bush looked like during the initial snow fall. Rather beautiful in my opinion.
My neighbor across the street cleared her driveway 4-5 times that weekend.
Snow piled up on yard equipment.
A good shot of how thick the snow on the roof was.
Early morning sunshine glinting off the sparkly snow.
This is a level shot from the open front door showing the snow drift.
The mailbox is nearly blocked by the snow from the road.
Notice that the snow on the roof on both ends of the house is sliding off.
The poor bush is heavily loaded after all that snow. But it does look like a neat little critter house.
Snow drifted to 2 feet in front of my door.




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