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Angel of Fire copyright 1997

Angel of Fire

Her flaming hair heats my blood
As passion threatens to consume me

Eyes like clouds on a beautiful summer day
Calm my twisted nerves
As I lose myself in her gaze

To listen to her soft, gentle voice
Is to hear the angels sing
Harmonious, captivating

But listen close the words she uses
And what she talks about
For more than outward self has caught me

You’ll learn she cares for others
Strangers she may never meet
Doing good deeds just for the sake of doing

From the cute little freckles that adorn her pretty nose
Hers’, a rare and treasured beauty
Seldom found in this world

Her laughter is infectious
Clearing the darkest mood
Beckoning all to join her

Just let me hold her in my arms
And listen to her talk
I’ll be happy

Bold as brass she’ll lead the charge
Or let you, if you wish.




Copyright 2007 by All Rights Reserved