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Caffeine copyright 2000


Thick, oily black elixir,
Savior of my sanity,
Benefactor of my genius,
Purveyor of my sleep deprived life.

Adding a touch of sweet cream,
Watching the roiling battle that ensues,
A storm cloud of bitter and sweat,
No way out but a final rich brown compromise.

The fragrance dances in the air,
Making one light headed, but happy,
A slight tentative sip,
Thunder races through my veins.

Another sip or two and peace prevails,
Stress floats away on a dizzy stream of caffeine,
Depression cowers in the dark,
And a sense of purpose dawns in the mind.

How a day can start and end without you,
Life’s new blood,
I dare not ponder,
And hope never to find out.




Copyright 2007 by All Rights Reserved