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The Gypsy Queen copyright 2004

The Gypsy Queen 2004

As she walks on to the stage,
All sound stills
My eyes are drawn to her
Ears beg for the silence to end

As she tucks her instrument
Gently under her chin
I imagine my lips in it's place
Nibbling distractingly at her shoulder

The lights dim as she addresses the bow
Graceful fingers stretch to make the first chord
My heart stops
As the first soulful note reaches out to me.

Her eyes close
the world disappears
life is breathed into sound
taking me into her soul

I quickly lose myself in her
as she rocks back and forth
fingers dancing among the strings

Sweat drips from her brow
bow stroking the strings
eliciting such passion
my breathe is taken away




Copyright 2007 by All Rights Reserved