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I Want copyright 2004

I want

I want your face to light up,
Every time you see me.

I want your hand to reach for mine,
Without you ever thinking about it.

I want you to feel relaxed,
Resting your head in my lap.

I want to see a hint of excitement in your eyes,
Any time I lean towards you.

I want every hug we share,
To last a little longer than we intended.

I want your heart to race,
As I run my fingers through your hair.

I want to feel time stop,
Anytime that our lips meet.

I want you to lose youself in me,
Every time that we make love.

I want you to think of me
Whenever you daydream at work.

I want you to miss my touch,
Whenever we are apart.

I want you to want me,
The way that I want you.




Copyright 2007 by All Rights Reserved