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A Lock of Hair copyright 1999

A Lock of Hair

If I could be,
But a lock of your hair,
Feathered back, but otherwise free to play.
Tousled about while you sleep so sweetly.
Bound up in a pony tail.

Though you might try,
To keep me orderly and in place,
I would escape.

To fall softly,
Caressing your lovely cheek,
As gently as a summer breeze,

If by chance I can find a way
I would stare into your deep, soulful eyes
From just out of sight, that you would not see me.

At last, you would notice me,
And tuck me sweetly where I might tickle you, just a little,
Bringing, a feint smile to your lips.

Longing for your touch,
I might grab hold and knot your hair,
Giving way as you run your fingers down my length

As you move, I would sway in wonder,
Near enough that I cannot resist,
To whisper my love that you might hear.

For you,
I would be soft as satin,
Dancing on the summer wind,
Glowing in the morning Sun,
Drawing everyone’s eye to you,
So that all would adore you,
As I do.




Copyright 2007 by All Rights Reserved