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Monkey Business copyright 1999

Monkey Business

If I were a monkey,
A monkey with a tail.
I'd swing through the trees,
My friends I would hail.

We’d play tag, watch the children,
Our food we would share.
We’d chatter for hours about everything,
Grooming each others’ hair.

Snacking on bananas,
As I swing from vine to vine.
Desert will be a melon,
They taste sweet as wine.

Meeting with the neighbors,
Of various animal types.
Would be a reason to party,
Well into the night.

While not all are friendly,
Deep in our jungle home.
We all get along for the most part,
For no one wants to be alone.

And as the sun goes down,
Amongst the tip tops of trees.
I'll lay down to rest,
In my nest made out of leaves.

I'd dream of endless forests,
Without the smell of man.
For that is how it should be,
If they'd just follow the Plan.





Copyright 2007 by All Rights Reserved