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These are simple, freeform, poems. Don't expect them to follow the formula's you learned in school <grin>.

Light hearted poems
Caffeine copyright 2000 Fuzzy Bunny copyright 1997
Monkey Business copyright 1999 PUDGY CHEEK CHIPMUNK Copyright 1997
Red Ribbon copyright 1997 Spring Blessing copyright 1999
Winter Slumber copyright 1998  
Romantic poems
A Lock of Hair copyright 1999 Angel of Fire copyright 1997
Gypsy queen copyright 2004 Caress copyright 1997
Hidden Smiles copyright 2003 I Want copyright 2004
Moon Kissed copyright 2004 Healing Heart copyright 1998
Sarasota Sunset copyright 1999 Passion copyright 1998
Maudlin poems
Solace copyright 1998 A Dripping Faucet copyright 1997
Forgotten Love copyright 1999  




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