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Katana - guard dog?

Katana was a pretty big German Shepherd mix. Strangers were a little leery of her, until the petted her and realized she was just a big ole teddy bear <smile>. And most people thought she would be a great guard dog, even those who knew her pretty well having played with her frequently. I will admit that she had a very loud, formidable bark. But she only barked when someone else was around.

One day, I came home after shopping and decided to see what Katana would do if someone broke into the house. Usually, she went everywhere I went. But that day, it was really hot outside and I was not about to leave her in the car, so she stayed home in the air conditioning. I should also probably mention that when I did leave her at home, I did not have to cage her. She was always well behaved <smile>.

I parked down the street <yes, Katana knew the sound of her own truck, so it would have spoiled everything if I had pulled in the drive> and walked down the other side of the street to get to my house. I walked up the drive and rang the door bell. She did not make a sound. Normally, if I was home, she would have been barking. But not a peep this time. So I rang it some more, knocked on the door a bit. There was still no barking from Katana.

I looked through the door glass, expecting to see her at least standing in the hallway, but saw nothing. So I opened the front door. Still nothing. I went into the living room and started making noises <grin>. I figured she would be at least curious about what was making the noise, maybe a new friend to pet her. But nothing. My floors creak, and Katana had excellent hearing, so she KNEW someone was in the house. But she didn't do anything about it.

I walked through the kitchen and towards the back bedroom. She still had not made a peep. I peered around the corner of the door and she was sitting up in the bed, ears up, but she didn’t make a sound, nor a move. As soon as I got enough of my head around the corner, she recognized me, and her ears went back, tongue hung out, in that “Your Home!” mode she had. She hopped down from the bed and came over to say hello <smile>. Definitely not a dog you want to protect the family fortune <grin>. But she was a treasure. I took her with me to go get the truck from down the street <grin>.

Along the same lines, if a new person came into the house she was afraid of, she would bark at them when they first came in, but only if I was in the same room. If I left the room, she would hush and run after me. If she was really scared of them, she would only bark at them from behind me <grin>. I guess she thought that since I was bigger than she was, I should be the protective one <smile>.




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