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Midnight Eyes

Anyone who gets to know me figures out that sleep and I do not get a long. No matter how tired or worn out I may be, sleep evades me. And when I finally do sleep, it is never for very long. So it is not all that unusual for me to wake several times a night.

One night, I woke with the feeling someone was watching me. When I opened my eyes, I was looking right at my bedroom window, and there, pressed up against the window, was a face.

The very first thought that popped into my head was that my friend Todd was playing a joke on me. <He once scared the becheezes out of me with a laughing toy by hiding under my window one night and triggering the laugh a dozen or so times.> But I very quickly recalled that Todd was over a 100 miles away, and no matter how funny, it wouldn’t be worth the trip for him.

In the next half second, I wrestled with the possibility that it was just a shadow, until they moved. I really couldn’t make out any features, so I couldn’t tell if it was a kid, an adult, a monster <grin> or what have you. And given the way their head was angled, they really couldn’t see inside either.

Two seconds later, they were gone. While I was annoyed, I wasn’t exactly scared, until I wondered where they went. Perhaps they moved on to another house. Or perhaps they were checking for unlocked doors/ windows elsewhere in the house. So I grabbed a flashlight <turned off>, a phone and something to scare them with and proceeded to check out the house. Once I was assured that there was nothing going on anywhere, I called the sheriff.

At first, the lady that answered the call <I did not call 911> was miffed. Then she wanted to tell me I was dreaming, until I laughed at her <she didn’t care for that at all>. I wasn’t scared, nor hysterical, nor in shock though she tried to blame those things for my “seeing things.” So I got annoyed with her and asked to speak to a another deputy because “ I don’t want to take you away from your midnight TV shows and Ho Ho’s” <which really pissed her off, but I’d had enough>.

Apparently, her swearing at me caught the interest of someone else in the office, who took the phone away from her. At first he was gruff, until I explained what I had said that had gotten to her. Then he laughed <which pissed off the Ho Ho lady even more>. He asked me what the problem was, so I explained what had happened. I also told him I didn’t need them to do anything but file a report, and be aware since the person could still be around. Since the neighborhood is full of retirees, I suggested it wouldn’t hurt to send a car around if one was in the neighborhood.

About 20 minutes later, a cruiser showed up, no lights on. Turns out the guy I had talked to was going on shift so he swung by. I showed him the window and we could see foot prints. They looked pretty small, so we figured it was just some nosy kid, which fit, to my mind. As he was parting, he asked me how I had heard about the Ho Ho lady. I explained that this was not my first run it with her inability to do anything right and that one of the previous deputies I had worked with had told me the story. Apparently, one night, the sheriff came in unexpectedly and caught her watching TV and eating Ho Ho’s while at her desk. Of course, he was pissed she was shirking her duties, though in fact she was on her lunch break. By the next morning, it was a running joke.

Anyway, the deputy said he would swing through the neighborhood a few times just to be safe. I went back to bed, but this time, I took my portable sun <giant flashlight> with me. I figured that if they came back, I’d give them something to look at <grin>. They never did though.




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