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This section contains stories for entertainment. They are not to be taken as factual or actionable.

Flaming Bag O' dookey

One evening in fall of 2006, my doorbell rang at about 2:30 am. I was still awake and reading in the library so I distinctly heard the sound of giggling and could see the reflection of what must have been flames coming from my front porch. <<MORE>>

Midnight eyes One night, I woke with the feeling someone was watching me. When I opened my eyes, I was looking right at my bedroom window, and there, pressed up against the window, was a face. <<MORE>>
Katana and the yard monster One evening, I got a little bored and a little curious, usually an entertaining situation <grin>. On this occasion, Katana had gone out her doggie door about two hours before. It was pretty dark out at the time, so I imagined she was watching the backyard for some of the yard critters to walk by.<<MORE>>
Katana - guard dog? I parked down the street <yes, Katana knew the sound of her own truck, so it would have spoiled everything if I had pulled in the drive> and walked down the other side of the street to get to my house. I walked up the drive and rang the door bell. She did not make a sound. Normally, if I was home, she would have been barking. But not a peep this time. So I rang it some more, knocked on the door a bit. There was still no barking from Katana.<<MORE>>
Katana - Oceanside The house we rented was nothing all that spectacular, but it would have been roomie for a family of 6 plus room for friends on the couches. It was right on the beech. I was in heaven, even if I was sick. When we first pulled in, Katana was happy to go exploring along the road. Then we hit the sand and she became very “nosy busy.” For non Dog people, that means that she would stand in one place, refusing to move, for 3-4 minutes at a time doing nothing but sniffing the ground.<<MORE>>
Pup - Rescue As I got closer, the fur didn’t move, there was no sound. I thought for sure that whatever it was must be dead, but I still felt that panicky feeling. About 50 yards away, the fur moved. It quickly saw me, stood up and hesitantly waged it’s tail. Her ears moved forward and back as she was totally unsure as to what was going on. <<MORE>>




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