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Katana and the yard monster

One evening, I got a little bored and a little curious, usually an entertaining situation <grin>. On this occasion, Katana had gone out her doggie door about two hours before. It was pretty dark out at the time, so I imagined she was watching the backyard for some of the yard critters to walk by.

In any case, I decided I wanted to know what Katana would do if a person came up to the back deck <grin>. So I went out the front door, walked around the side of the house, staying in shadow. There is a massive Wedding Wreath bush in my yard which I hid behind and watched her. When I was sure she had not noticed me, I started shaking the bush a little bit.

Katana flashed her eyes around to peer at the bush. She was interested, but not enough to get up off the deck. I played the “animal in the bush” game for about 5 minutes, with her doing nothing more than watching. So I walked though the shadows out a bit further to a tree. At first, she did not even see my shadow, until I stepped on a branch.

Then she saw me and stood up fast. But she did not recognize me, or she would have run out to see what I was up to. I stood still for a minute or so and she started darting looks about the yard, so I figured she had lost sight of me. But instead of launching of the deck and chasing the intruder in the backyard, she stayed in the “protective” area of the porch light <grin>. So I moved closer.

She swung her head back around, saw me moving towards her still in shadow <about 40 feet away> and ran over to the “safety” of the doggie door <playful grin>. I kind of side-stepped until there was a tree directly between her and I. When she saw that, she started pacing in front of the doggie door. By walking in the shadow of the tree, I was able to get within 10 feet of the deck. At that point, I stepped on a twig with a resounding snap.

<grin> She’d had enough and she bolted inside. I could hear her running through the house looking for something. I could just imagine her thinking that she needed to find me to come and chase the “monster” in the back yard away.

I started to laugh at that point. She must have heard, and recognized me because she bolted back out the door. When she figured out where I was, she ran over to me, tail wagging. She then proceeded to take me on patrol around the yard to make sure that the yard “monster” was gone <smile>.

For a couple of weeks after that, anytime she went outside, she would occasionally come over to the doggie door, poke her head inside, and check to make sure I was there, <smile>. Now whether she did that to make sure I was not pulling a trick again, or to make sure I was available for monster chasing duty, I cannot say <smile>.




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