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About Us


Hermit Hill, is more of a philosophy than an actual place. Mostly because I have not yet found the right hill to move to, or afford for that matter <grin>. One day I do hope to be able to have my own hermitage with hills, woods, stream, a small pack of dogs <yes, I am a dog person> and fields. More reminiscent of a park <all-be-it a very small park <grin>> than a conventional hermitage <grin>.

I frequently hear about "social" and "anti-social" classifications for people, and rarely about anything in between. For myself, I fit into what I refer to as "non-social." I have nothing against folks, but I don't feel a particular need to really be around them. I get along fine with folks from just about every walk of life. Much like a hermit, I don't really shun anyone. But at the same time, I don't feel the need to seek anyone out. I am simply content to be on my own.

That said, nothing on this site is intended to offend anyone. It is simply a site to share viewpoints in an entertaining way that, at most, will give viewers a chance to see things from a new perspective and think a little. I do enjoy stretching my mind and looking at things from multiple viewpoints at the same time, so items herein do not necessarily reflect my own opinions and beliefs.

If you do find anything offensive, please, simply refrain from viewing the site.





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