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Dog Bowl

Katana here could be a little finicky when it came to her water. At first, I thought that maybe it was the plastic water bowls. I really don't like drinking from plastic cups myself, so I didn't blame her. So I bought her some new ceramic dishes, which you can see below.
At about this time, I also found out from a friend that it is better for larger, older K9's to have their dishes elevated. So I cobbled this little stand together for her. It worked well, but... I thought it looked a little to rickety.
I had some left over tiles from rebuilding my fireplace, so I thought what better surface for splashing water than tile. It took only a couple hours work time and I had the top done.
For the frame, I decided that she deserved a little style. So rather than a simple box type shape, I angled the sides. This also provided more stability against knocks <not the dog, me <grin>>. I also sunk the top into the frame and sanded all the edges over. All in all, nothing fancy, though some people thought I was just a bit nuts for tiling it <grin>. But what do they know, Katana sure seemed to like it <smile> and that's all that mattered.




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