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Small Table

This was actually my first true piece of furniture that I designed and built. I needed a small table to put keys on, so I decided to make one. Here you see the two pieces of red oak I glued together to make the table top
I then glued on 3 pieces of poplar to the red oak. I really like the combination of poplar and red oak. Poplar is easy to work with and red oak is very strong. And they look great together with a simple oil finish. I "afforded" myself some new clamps for this project <you can never have too many clamps <grin>>.
Here is the glue up for the table legs. Again, I am combining red oak and poplar to give the table a unique look. Lots of clamps <grin>.
Legs and table top after the glue dried. You start to get the feel for how the two different woods look together.
To taper the legs, I created a simple little jig. It worked great. I, uh, did later cannibalize this jig for another project and replaced it eventually with a metal jig. But it worked just fine before I cut it apart <sheepish grin>.
Clamp crazy, maybe, but every one of them was needed <grin>. The sides of the table are red oak while the front is poplar. And I did cut the opening for the drawer in front from one piece of poplar. Better lines this way.
Katana talked me into a nap while the table fully cured <grin>.
Here is a look at the underside of the table. I used figure 8's to screw the top onto the table base. I love these things <grin>. You can also see the drawer rails here. I used more red oak here for strength... oak, I didn't need the extra strength, I just thought it would look cool, even though no one but me would ever see it <grin>.
Here is the table before finishing. I did add a little carving to the table top. Just a simple three loop celtic design.
The final, and finished, table. Turned out pretty well for my first piece. I used a simple oil finish here. It fades a bit from the shiny look in the picture




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